LaDiscoteca – Cristina Kristal Rizzo

Sunday August 12


The dance makers and choreography group “LaDiscoteca” invites you to an open afternoon of the workshop by Cristina Kristal Rizzo. The meeting includes a snack and some sessions of Fake Therapy: an artistic practice started by Valentina Desideri and now used and developed by many: this autonomous practice is not based on previous experience or any form of knowledge-authority, but wants to stimulate and reactivate the abilities of anyone to heal anyone (or anything else).
We are waiting for a convivial and regenerating moment at villa Il Corniolo.
For those who want to stay after sunset, an amazing and silent starry sky will be the setting a glass of wine.

Please confirm your presence via e.mail at or
calling by Whatsapp > Angela Burico +39 3490707467
> Maria Pecchioli +39 3293676424

LaDiscoteca dance makers group is:
Cristina Kristal Rizzo

Angela Burico

Debora Belotti

Anna Marocco

Aurelio di Virgilio

Danila Gambettola

Matilde Bassetti

Sonja Berg

Cristina Abati

Greta Francolini

Laura Pante

Anita Barbi

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