SEME is not an acronym but refers to word seme that in italian mean SEED. This word in Italian is used in various proverbs that are the basis of the rich Tuscan language.

Starting summer 2018 Corniolo art platform opens SEME.
This program proposes a study space dedicated to those practices that require a protected and solitary space: writing, curating, planning, research, in an uncontaminated but protected place, to find the heart of concentration and inspiration.

The spaces available for SEME are three large single / double rooms / studios – accommodating up to 5 artists. In addition the studio and the main room, the kitchen, the park, the common areas of the garden, the lemon house are shared.

Consistent with Corniolo mission, the residents of the SEME program are encouraged to offer a final talk or workshop to be dedicated to other artists. In this regard, Corniolo will propose partners: universities, art schools, academies and a network of residences to be involved.

Corniolo Art platform offers support to organizing targeted studio-visit with international curators and cultural operators, in dialogue with local institutions and artist run space.

Depending on availability, it is also possible to plan support for the organization of exhibitions or talks in collaboration with external partners.

The costs and conditions of the SEME residence are available on request at

The platform is committed to facilitating artists with invitation letters for scholarships and sponsors and to report any scholarships available.

Credits Giulia Ticozzi