Corniolo is a summer school project and a residency platform, a meeting place for art and education in the rural territory of Mugello, on the slopes of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. The Villa is surrounded by a wild nature and a lively community animate these landscapes full of history, culture, craftsmanship, enogastronomy that has always valued Tuscany.

Corniolo art platform involves artists, researchers, international and local collectives, interested in holistic and performative practices, socially engaged art, activism and community building.

We aim practice conviviality as an art form.

Corniolo Art Platform offers workshops and hosts in residence artists and cultural operators selected by invitation or open call, the platform is committed in particular to all those experiences that take care to collective work strategies and group harmony.

The platform hosts radical education experience and research projects focus on the relationship of the individual with nature and offers an hybrid approach between performativity and holism, favoring a syncretic-interdisciplinary relationship between the place, the experience and the subjects involved.

Corniolo proposes a radical, collaborative and integrated method on workshops.

During the summer we offer meetings with curators, local and international artists, cultural and holistic operators. Corniolo plans and encourage gathering on practices of contamination between research and artistic production.

The program is open to all those who make unconventional research a strength, artists, therapists, scientists, educators, chefs, performers.

Our mission is to built paths where the relationship, exchange and collaboration as well as the concept of time have an indispensable value; Corniolo point out the worth of a process in life and creation that does not claim a final product to show.

On Board

Maria Pecchioli, Radical Intention, Aria Spinelli, Angela Burico, Silvio Palladino.


In collaboration with Fosca Ass. Cult.

Worked with us

Valerio Del Baglivo Brett Bloom (Temporary Services), Karl Seiringer (WochenKlausur) Amy Franceschini (Futurefarmers) Leone Contini Curandi Katz Morena, Federico Sanbonifacio (Geoponika) Iacopo Seri Berit Fischer, Archiviazioni,Giusi Checola, Pietro Gaglianò, Vincenza Modica, Michele D’Aurizio.



  • Comune di Borgo San Lorenzo
  • Biblioteca di Grezzano
  • Museo Contadino
  • Mucciano
  • Scuola Don Lorenzo Milano di Barbiana, Barbiana, Vicchio
  • Chiesa di Santa Maria a Frena, Firenzuola
  • Badia di Moscheta – Valle dell’Inferno, Cascate del Rovigo
  • Manifattura ChiniBorgo San Lorenzo
  • I Diacci
  • Morena Cilva herbs expert