Practising Decompression
Visiting artist Steve Lambert
OPEN CAMP –  August 25th 2018
5 pm > 10 pm
For the final night of the 2018 Decompression gathering summer camp, Radical Intention hosts a public event at Corniolo Art Platform. For it, visiting artist Steve Lambert will present his work, and the audience will have the chance to meet artists and cultural workers, participants of the 2018 DCAMP, Virginia Argentero, Chiara Dellerba, Guillem Arquer Gómez, Núria Inés, Ben Landau, Marcela Iriarte Villalobos and Annalisa Zegna.

Can the act of gathering and isolation contribute to articulating new forms of mutual learning and group working? Does experiencing communal life in isolated areas shift social relations? Can the experience of leisure and unproductive daily tasks be a generative process with critical potential? Radical Intention addresses and discusses these issues by setting up Decompression Gathering Summer Camp, a one-week residency of decompression, communal living and group work that takes place at the end of the summer, before urban life and its busyness picks up again.
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The 2018 DCAMP embraces the idea of decompression as a form of investigation into ways of working. In 1993 Croatian artist Mladen Stilinovic wrote a manifesto of laziness, stating ‘Laziness is the absence of movement and thought, just dumb time – total amnesia. It is also indifference, staring at nothing, non-activity, impotence. It is sheer stupidity, a time of pain, futile concentration. Those virtues of laziness are important factors in art. Knowing about laziness is not enough, it must be practised and perfected.’ (1993) With Irony, sarcasm, intelligence, stupidity and seriousness, the group of DCAMP 2018 will ask themselves how to practice and perfect decompression.

Steve Lambert has worked alongside artists and activists in 15 countries on 4 continents helping them to effect power. Trained in the arts, he is known for large-scale, public projects that engage new audiences on difficult topics through the social science of comedy, games, theatre, and democratic participation. Lambert is the co-founder and co-director of the Center for Artistic Activism, a research and training institute to help activists be more creative and artists to be more effective. As an artist, Lambert’s work has been shown both nationally and internationally, from art galleries to protest marches to Times Square, featured in four documentary films, and over two dozen books, and collected by museums and The Library of Congress. Lambert has presented at the United Nations several times. His research is included in a United Nations report on the impact of advertising on cultural rights and the basis of a book on popular understandings of capitalism.

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