Tamed and Wild – watercolor workshop in residence

visiting Silvia Molinari


26th July-  28 July 2019
Deadline 30th June

Please, to sign up for the workshop send an email named‭
‬“Application Domestic Wildness 2019”‭ ‬provides by CV‭, ‬your personal informations and contacts‭ (‬up 2‭ ‬page‭) ‬to‭: ‬


“Raising the indecision up‭ ‬to give it political dignity‭. ‬Finding a balance between it and the power‭. ‬Considering the lack of organisation as a‭ ‬vital principle‭, ‬by which every organisation is passed through by the flashes of life‭.‬”‭ ‬Gilles Clément Manifesto to the Third landscape‭ (‬2005‭)

The secular park of‭ ‬Villa Corniolo is divided into two areas‭, ‬the front is a‭ ‬bright garden‭, ‬with cut meadows‭, ‬hedges of roses and citrus plants‭, ‬while behind the villa the forest grows more wild‭, ‬shady‭, ‬with spontaneous herbs‭, ‬and bamboo reeds‭, ‬too‭.‬

What happens in these places‭? ‬How‭ ‬do they reveal themselves to our eyes‭, ‬what are the characteristics that predispose order and chaos‭? ‬What are‭ ‬the perceptual and compositional differences‭ ‬of two places that cross one another while remaining so distinct‭?‬

During the workshop‭ ‬we will immerse in a almost‭ ‬“meditative”‭ ‬observation of the animal and vegetable‭ ‬life that inhabits the park‭, ‬the shapes‭, ‬colors and light of these places‭,  ‬and then‭ ‬we will reproduce them on the map drawing on plain air‭, ‬preparing the appropriate colours‭ ‬and experimenting with techniques suitable for the two different environments‭.‬
The afternoon of the third day will be open to external guests who can see the materials elaborated during the seminar‭, ‬converse‭ ‬with the group and eat together‭.‬


The number of participants is max‭. ‬10‭. ‬This residency is a community experience‭.‬
Meals are prepared and eaten together‭.‬
Accommodation is in shared rooms‭ (‬two triples and one double‭)‬‭.‬
Bathrooms are shared‭. ‬Single rooms are not provided‭.‬
The drawing tools are borne by the participant‭.‬ The list of the required will be communicated after registration‭.‬

In order to secure your place, we will need a deposit. The fee covers enrollment, accommodation, meal. Travel expenses are not covered.
Take in consideration that Corniolo is an informal artists run space: the fees for the workshop goes directly back into the running costs for the camp.

Silvia Molinari‭ ‬was born in‭ ‬Piacenza in 1976‭ ‬and has a‭ ‬degree in decorative techniques‭ ‬at the‭ ‬Istituto d’Arte Paolo toschi in Parma‭.‬‭ ‬His artistic career includes the study‭ ‬and experimentation of different pictorial disciplines‭, ‬but it is perhaps through‭ ‬the watercolor that best manifests his expressive capacity
For years it has been represented by the‭ ‬Fine Art salamon‭ ‬gallery in Milan‭. ‬Among the exhibitions‭, ‬solo and collective‭, ‬in which took part‭: ‬in 2011‭, ‬the Venice Biennale‭ ‬in the regional headquarters of‭ ‬Emilia Romagna‭; ‬Affordable Art Fair‭, ‬New York and Milan‭; ‬the Ginza 1‭ ‬chome gallery‭, ‬Tokyo‭; ‬ Galleria San Francesco‭, ‬Reggio Emilia‭;  ‬JGO Gallery‭, ‬Park City‭ – ‬Utah‭.‬
She illustrated the calendar of the‭ ‬“Gardenia”‭ ‬magazine for the years 2011‭, ‬2017‭ ‬and is working to realize that of 2020‭.‬‭ ‬She realized the works that animated the‭ ‬National Assembly of LIPU 2017‭ ‬in Parma‭, ‬the scientific conference‭ ‬Birds In Europe 3‭. ‬Also for‭ ‬LIPU‭, ‬has produced more than‭ ‬250‭ ‬tables illustrating the guide to the recognition of birds published in spring 2019‭.‬

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