Cultural Fermentation – Fomento Fermento

Visiting Artist Piero Passacantando


from 9th to 13th September 2020


Fomento Fermento Visiting Artist Piero Passacantando

Somewhere between art project and cooking workshop, FF is a knowledge and cultural exchange. Participants are encouraged to bring their recipes, ideas and experiments to share with the group. FF seeks to be informal, hands-on and fun; yet it aims to be informative and to discuss the science and history of fermentation.

Through these workshops Piero hopes to encourage connections between people – to foment the fermentation of love through magic, science, fun and exchange. All the activities are collected in zines. These small publications have themselves been a vehicle to foment ferment.

This interdisciplinary  Workshop aims to study the production of fermented products with bacterial cultures and yeasts. The participants will deal with traditional methods, healthy and “forgotten” after the advent of industrial products for the production of goat cheese, bread, fermented beverages and other foods. These transformations, which can appear almost alchemical but are at the same time scientific, will offer food for thought for conversations about inner and social transformations. The group will also be encouraged to experiment with the visual and sculptural possibilities of these processes. We will look at various vessels, baskets and fabrics traditionally  used. Thanks to the interaction between artistic-enogastronomic research, conviviality and local products, the workshop builds new forms of social exchange.
Piero will share his knowledge, at the same time, participants with experience in fermentation techniques will also be welcome to share theirs in the spirit of exchange.


Silvio Palladino, Maria Pecchioli, Benedetta Ciabattari, Angela Burico, Iacopo Seri, Aria Spinelli

Local Network


Terre di Giotto

Orto del Vicino

Società agraria Bacciotti

Miele Biologico Pastacaldi

Val di Sieve in Transizione


Over the past decade, Piero Passacantando  has focused on painting, social practice and connections between the two. Passacantando’s work has been exhibited and performed at the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, BRIC Arts, Ed. Varie Gallery, the Brooklyn Museum, Art in Odd Places and the DUMBO Arts Festival. He has received residencies and fellowships from: Ed. Varie Gallery, Flux Factory, and the Laundromat Project in NY; from the Summer Decompression Camp at the Corniolo Art Platform in Corniolo, Italy; a Fulbright Grant to research Thangka painting in Kathmandu, Nepal. Passacantando holds an MFA from the California College of the Arts (San Francisco and Oakland, CA) and a BFA from the Corcoran College of Art and Design (Washington DC). He lives and works in Rome, Italy, and New York City, USA.