Choreography: Flavia Zaganelli

sound design: Cecilia Stacchiotti

with the support of Abitante –  Compagnia Virgilio Sieni, Fondazione CR Firenze


5-10 July 2021 

a project by Flavia Zaganelli in collaboration with Cecilia Stacchiotti

Dancers:  Flavia Zaganelli
Sound Designer: Cecilia Stacchiotti
curated by : Corniolo Art Platform

Flavia Zaganelli’s project, together with Cecilia Stacchiotti, was developed during the days of residence in close contact with the potential of the place, and in particular the botanical characteristics were investigated in all their peculiarities: The bamboo forest, the centuries-old park, the Italian garden with its rigorous design.
The artists became familiar with the geometry of the spaces, the centuries-old trees and the younger undergrowth.

The encounter with the nature of the place allowed the construction of the choreographic material and the sound design to be inextricably linked to the “here and now” that made all the living souls present during the days of the residency companions of this artistic experience.

Flavia and Cecilia were able to deepen, in particular, the study of the centuries-old holm oak located in the western part of the wood. The holm oak tree “conversed” with the artists, reworking the electromagnetic stimuli of Flavia’s dancing body, and through the sensors, it modified the vibrations of the rain, the wind and the summer heat, giving back specific sound paths each time.

Corniolo Art Platform closely followed the process of the residency, expanding the potential around the themes proposed in the design phase.
Flavia and Cecilia’s proposal was curated and guided by providing stimulating ideas and fruit of the nature of the territory; together with local researchers and artists we deepened some aspects of the research:
Shared a guided tour of local plants flowers and fruits both edible and healing.
We shared morning training sessions, combining research work with in-depth vocal studies with Angela Burico and Benedetta Manfriani, a local artist.
We suggested readings, texts, essays related to astrology, natural sciences and art.

Concept NO TITLE

NO TITLE is a performative investigation into the relationship between three universes: the plant, the technological and the human.
The project takes its cue from biologist Donna Haraway’s Fabulae Speculative – essay Chthulucene: Surviving on an Infected Planet (2019, NOT Nero Editions).
NO TITLE is an ecosystem that investigates the relationship between plant, human and technological bodies through the deployment of muscle vibrations, sonic reverberations, chlorophyll energies and electrical impulses, using the languages of live electronic music, contemporary dance and biodata sonification.

The electrical impulses of the plants, processed sonically thanks to the Midi Sprout device, influence the body which, by allowing movement and dance to emerge, in turn alters its own energy/electric field, influencing the emission of impulses by the plants.
Starting from this first circular entanglement mechanism, NO TITLE intends to develop others and investigate their possibilities.