CLICK HERE >D-Camp 2018 Visting Artist Steve Lambert 20-26 August 2018

What happens when beauty and simplicity connects. We tried to give you a slight hint of that with the Colorway Theme.

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The villa will provide 4 artist studio spaces and 5 large bedrooms for a maximum of 10 artists/guests at a time.


We run seasonal invitations to organizations that are interested in the praxis of producing and promoting contemporary art..


The two main sponsors of Corniolo art residency are the Associazione Culturale Fosca in Florence, and the Milan-based art collective Radical Intention.

Villa Il Corniolo

The Villa Corniolo is located in central Italy, near the village of Mucciano, in the Mugello province.

Corniolo is a residency program for the non-profit, independent, self-run organizations operating in the field of contemporary art.